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Nude Music Video - “Conglomerations” - Short Version - with Sie Ist Idaho from Linden Hudson on Vimeo.

CLASSICBANDS DOT COM said: “Linden Hudson co-wrote much of the material on the ZZ Top ELIMINATOR album”.
Quote: David Blayney (15 years as ZZ Top stage manager) in his book SHARP DRESSED MEN said: “Linden Hudson in a fair world should have had his name all over ELIMINATOR and gotten the just compensation he deserved. Instead he got ostracized.”
FROM THE BOOK: “SHARP DRESSED MEN — ZZ TOP” BY DAVID BLAYNEY: (page 227): The song “Legs” Linden Hudson introduced the pumping synthesizer effect.
Read about Linden’s terrible ZZ Top adventure while working on “Eliminator” at:
The model in this video “Conglomerations” is: Sie Ist Idaho (she’s so sexy, from Idaho, USA)
See her in another music video at:
The model video shot by: Linden Hudson in Texas. Musical instruments, voices & sound by: Linden.
Background photos shot by Linden in Europe (Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Czech Repub).
Texas, USA

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